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Yún Zhì Lún Zhòng Chóu, Dàojìshí 24 Xiǎoshí Dì 3 Cì Shòu Qìng Yun Chi Round Of The Crowd, Countdown To 24 Hours The Third Sold Out
Feb 13, 2017

Double eleven of the temperature seems to have not yet completely cleared, double twelve has been quietly to. The major business platform has long been gearing up, notice a variety of benefits. And as the domestic power giant Taobao in this class of carnival in the traffic level naturally do not have to say. With the public nearly two years to get more and more people's recognition and support, Taobao all in this trend is gradually rising for us to bring a lot of money to raise a good product. Black technology to build, can 1 minute modified bike "iMortor cloud Chi wheel" is one of the very competitive market one of the products.

December 11, from the end of the public left only one day "cloud Chi wheel" project, once again ushered in 999 yuan stalls sold out. It is understood that the stalls of the supporters will be the price of 999 yuan to obtain the expected market value of 1599 standard iMortor Yunzhi round 1 set, including a wheel, 125Wh battery life 1. And this addition is already the same with the third time sold out additional.

According to reports, this is an "intelligent" wheel, through the built-in motor and controller, to achieve electric power, fault detection, APP interaction, extreme acceleration and other functions. Pure electric life up to 25-30 km. In the electric scooter market brutal growth of the past two years, all kinds of wheelbarrows, scooters endless. But for security reasons, many cities have also introduced a "limited electricity ban friction" of the relevant policies, but for the city to work short-distance commuters, this portable vehicle is indeed better than driving, taxi, and the choice of public Vehicles are much more convenient. Yunzhi round of the emergence of a very good solution to this problem. Through the modification of the front wheel of the bike, so that bicycles easily have the performance of electric cars, easy commuting.

And for the rider ring, this is undoubtedly an innovation. Riding is a way of leisure and entertainment, but also a lot of people dazzle out of one of the hobbies. In the course of riding can enjoy the good scenery all the way, but it will always make people encounter a variety of predicament, the road is far from the physical, location remote phone no electricity, poor riding at night and so on. "Cloud Chi wheel" electric power, comes with USB charging interface, and so on the function can be a good solution to these embarrassment.

Mention "smart", another keyword is bound to be APP. IMortor Yunzhi wheel also has this function. Through the APP can be achieved with the dial button 3 speed control, while the implementation of feedback riding time, total mileage, location and other data, as well as fault detection, intelligent security speed control and other functions for many riding enthusiasts "Is simply for their own car loaded on the brain."

At present, the project is Taobao public rush to raise money, will be at 12:00 on December 12 officially ended. Want to know more details, log Taobao all search "cloud Chi wheel" can be.

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    Add: CN,Zhejiang,Taizhou,No. 519, Jinlin Road, Jinqing Town, Luqiao District
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