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Somersault Cloud Technology: Cloud Chi Round All 17 Days Break 2 Million, Not Unexpected
Feb 13, 2017

Recently, a called "cloud Chi wheel" of the intelligent wheels of the entire rider ring, as well as a lot of smart technology products enthusiasts exchange forum. This is a Taobao all raise the platform of all the products, just 17 days the amount of money has exceeded 200 million, the page shows the "like" the number of more than 20,000 people. And the product research and development team somersault cloud technology, said that for this result they are not surprised.

It is understood that this is a "smart brain" of the wheel, through the mobile phone APP can achieve control speed, riding data feedback, fault detection and other functions. And the core, or its electric power function. Ordinary bicycles in the installation of the "cloud-round" later, to achieve pure human riding, electric power, pure electric three models. So that users can enjoy the joy of riding, but also when necessary to solve the problem of physical strength and so on.
From the appearance of view, "cloud Chi wheel" like a normal high-quality wheels. Aluminum-magnesium alloy car hub, solid light. But the analysis of the internal structure will find this is a combination of value and "connotation" products, "Yunzhi round" is selected 36V125wh Sanyo batteries, 5C high rate batteries, can be a good guarantee in the accelerated power. It is particularly worth mentioning that the battery of the motor has many years of experience in the manufacture of motor manufacturers to provide Thai. Many supporters said that there is such a strength to send business endorsement, for product quality do not have to worry about.

"Even if there are already some brands on the market launch of electric bicycles, but the cloud is the only one integrated without a replacement vehicle, support three riding mode, you can match more models of wheels, also comes with USB interface, etc. Function of the cost-effective products. "Yunzhi round project leader said. In the price, less than a thousand dollars all the price is really surprising.

According to reports, the whole team of R & D team is almost everyone riding enthusiasts, research and development of this product is also the beginning to meet their own hobbies. From the user point of view, is the initial cornerstone of each product development. Even if the product is currently hot in the crowd, has not yet officially reached the hands of supporters. Or a lot of the industry from the product structure, material selection and other aspects of analysis that is very optimistic about this product. And all the waiting for the exchange is to force the public to raise the price, which is "cloud Chi" can be in just 17 days will be able to break through one of the reasons for 2 million.
Learn more about the project, you can log Taobao all search: Yunzhi round.

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