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Small Pocket Parallel Vehicle Concept To Solve The Last Mile Travel Geeks
Jan 17, 2017

There is such a group of people, engaged in the development and manufacture of new energy research and development related work. They are not professional balance car players, nor is it like to catch up with the trend of 90. But the enthusiasm for the balance car comes from the "hate"". They are, "small pocket parallel car" R & D team. Lasted more than a year, the birth of a small pocket. Because of their enthusiasm and efforts, there are a lot of people call them "geeks".


With the advent of the Internet era and the further development of many traditions have changed, but in terms of new energy vehicles, the status quo is mostly still confined to the traditional model. According to the small pocket parallel car team leader Liang Yao introduced, he was founded this team, on the one hand because they have more than ten years of experience in the new energy industry. On the other hand, it is also in the last ten years, he always wanted to have a truly meet people portable, smooth travel requirements of traffic tools in the field of the new energy vehicle, however, currently available in the market has been the emergence of products are far from satisfactory. As a new energy industry practitioners, and he hated this situation, there is an urgent hope to change the traditional, more scientific and technological elements melt on the new energy transport.

In 2014, Liang Yao led the tangmin, Wu Kangliang a group full of vitality, high-quality, professional young people set up their own R & D team, followed by the establishment of the somersault cloud Technology Co., Ltd.. Committed to the development of new energy vehicles really smart and portable. They think the first step is to do the product, but also the most important step is to understand the user.

This understanding is half a year, from January 1, 2015 to June 2015, in six months time they visited the tens of thousands of portable scooter users, also put on the market from the single turn wheel to three rounds of all electric scooter almost play over and over. After investigation, they found the popularity of the electric scooter, the biggest obstacle to unexpectedly and not in the performance of the battery, but portability. Most users said that their choice of this small scooter was used mostly for some short distance travel. And the current number of so-called portable electric vehicles on the market, but compared to the traditional electric car is a little smaller. Is still far from meeting peoples demands for portability. Small pocket pointed out that the real portable should be in the carry on will not feel that there is too much burden.

To reduce the size and weight as much as possible, but also to ensure that the motor efficiency of parallel cars, battery life and the durability of parallel cars. This mechanical and technical requirements for the product and material selection, but also another challenge. So it is 6 months, from the principle of work to the structural design, and even parts of the production, each link they have repeatedly groping, testing. Again and again to overthrow the re improvement. After more than a year of hard work and exploration, by the end of 2015, a small pocket parallel car was finally born!

"When people around me know that Im going to do parallel cars, I think its a very simple and quick thing for me to do." Liang Yao said. It is understood, the somersault cloud technology derived in Mingtai Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is a has more than 10 years of new energy R & D and manufacturing enterprises. In normal view, Yao Liang decided to do this thing is just rely on their ten years of new energy professional accomplishment and pull several equally familiar with machinery and application technology of friends, to rely on the production capacity of the existing enterprises, assembling a parallel to the car that is one to three months time. But he insisted that all product highlights are supposed to be the customer pain points and every detail of products should be responsible for the user. This is the spirit of geeks.

It is reported that the small pocket parallel car will be landing at the end of 3 Jingdong to raise public. This message, a lot of people have expressed very much looking forward to.

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