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Small Pocket Parallel Car Jingdong To Raise Public Two Day Break Two Million
Jan 17, 2017

March 30, Jingdong all the chips on the line, known as "small pocket parallel car products, a on-line access to many users support, in just one hour public to raise the amount exceeded one million yuan, launched two days still unabated growth momentum, until now the congregation raised the amount has reached more than two million, support the number of more than a thousand people, to raise the public topic zone is very lively.


For electric scooter, many people are not unfamiliar, their appearance is similar. Although all the rage, but on the road, bus, subway still difficult to see its shadow, bulky volume become hinder its popularity. And a small pocket of different shape in the market most of the products, the is a square planar bottoms have four wheel design, to ensure the balance and operation simple, feet running of the car that is parallel to the surface can be operated on the car, the car can a key switch learning mode and swim, very intelligent. Small pocket parallel car weight is only 3.8 kg, can load 125kg, notebook size, can be placed in the bag to carry. Basic version of the charging 2 hours, up to 17 kilometers, the enhanced version is up to 25 km, the performance is very strong.

The car of a small pocket of the parallel Jingdong chips in the like a raging fire, and the advent of small pocket is due to a small pocket geek squad like enthusiasm and efforts, a small pocket team derivatives and to a more than a decade of new energy R & D and manufacturing enterprises, but instead because of this, they on quality requirements even more. According to the person in charge of small pocket Liang Yao, he and Wu Kangliang, Tang Min and a number of senior technical staff, from the beginning of the idea to product forming up to nearly two years. Again and again to overthrow the repeated, in the selection of the motor, they have no less than 20 kinds of experiments, and finally chose the performance than traditional silicon steel stability and efficiency of 10% of Japans imports of Kawasaki silicon steel motor. In the shell material selection, both to try to reduce the size of the product and reduce weight, but also to ensure product quality and safety, small pocket is the high cost of the use of aircraft aluminum. Because of their geek spirit, only the "small pocket".

Bicycle is accepted by the public for more than 150 years, electric scooter really into road vehicles will also need social accept time. But in an increasingly crowded city, the trend of traffic portability is not going to change. Similar to the appearance of a small pocket parallel car, this product may be the starting point for this change.

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