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IT168 Information
Feb 18, 2017

【Small pocket IT168 information 】  parallel car, a miracle again today in jingdong the raise formal writing, after 30 days of the raise, small pocket to obtain the support 6540 users, the raise the amount of 49.89854 billion, completed the target amount 499% raise, raise parallel throughout jingdong the car in the same category products, raise 30 days, the amount of 4.99 million, a small pocket in the historical record.

Can put in the small pocket bag parallel car, main solve the last mile of travel, for most people, the volume of 3.8 kg, and the size of the notebook, is overturned thoroughly people walking about on the market for car. Is not only a small volume, charging more for its 2 hours, 17 km range, enhanced version of 25 kilometers more superior performance captured the large number of supporters.

For the raise, a lot of people seem to not be very familiar with, but for good product and project, this is the stage of a enough to make them shine. Allows them to get higher attention not only, still can help entrepreneurs to get the first start-up funding. The most important thing is to be in the early stages of the product is a large number of faithful seed users, they will not only dynamic is very concerned about the product, you can also put forward opinions or even directly involved in the design of product, greatly improving the engagement of users. There are a lot of science and technology enthusiasts, can look through this platform to seek to haven't new products on the market at present. Whether it's for the sponsor of the project, or supporters of the project, is a kind of a win-win situation. This pattern, can make good product into the market, the real smooth iteration, eliminated the so-called pseudo product demand, to optimize the market, is also very beneficial.

And "small" is one such product, according to a small pocket, head of the parallel car Liang Yao is introduced, the raise they give all the basic is the cost price of products. The raise after the market price is the foundation of the 2999 yuan, the enhanced version of 3999 yuan. And the raise price respectively is 1599 yuan based version and enhanced version of 2399 yuan, geared to the needs of the market, with this attitude can let a person feel the sincerity of "small". Liang Yao also said that they will be very seriously all the proposal put forward by proponents of "small", whether it's about the shape or functional iteration, the second generation product will be more gorgeous appearance.

Many the raise user said, for the the raise products, or are looking forward to. Because in the supporters of the "small", there are a large number of users are balanced car, parallel to the car and scooter lovers or even professional players. There are a lot of one-wheel, double, three rounds of the product, and the walking parallel to do such a small four-wheel vehicle, they haven't tried

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